Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gluten Free Shake and Bake

NOTE:  We lean towards veganism lately, and don't eat chicken anymore.  But I'm not deleting this post because too many have asked about this and want the recipe.  And I respect them and don't judge them for it.  Hopefully vegetarians will respect that too, as some of them used to eat meat at some point in their life.  Thank you!

I think I've only had Shake & Bake twice in my lifetime, and it was when I was under 10 years old. And it was at grandma's house. Because it was grandma's it was an extra special treat. I have fond memories of shake and bake chicken. It's complete comfort food that's kid friendly. I had a craving for this a few months ago and did a search for it on the Internet. I couldn't find anything on a gluten free shake and bake type recipe. So I made this one up, and I think it's a complete success. Not only does my gluten intolerant son have multiple food allergies, but he's the pickiest kid on the planet. So he'll be the real test! Now earlier I mentioned that we don't do well with chicken, so we greatly reduce our consumption of it.  I've found that if we only eat chicken a few times a year, we're ok. It's when we regularly consume it that we've noticed problems. And if my daughter gets rashy again, we'll cut it out for a while. So if you have the same problem, substitute another meat, or tofu! The cooking time might be different though. I used dark meat chicken for this and took the skin off. I've never been a fan of chicken skin, so I always do without it. The meat is still moist and not dried out. Next time I will try it with chicken breast, but maybe I'll leave the skin on so it doesn't dry out. I'll have to experiment on that one. So if you feel like you're a little deprived of the comfort food you had when you were a kid, or if you have a picky, celiac child that needs a decent meal, this will definitely work for you!

1 cup GF bread crumbs
1/2 cup potato flour
2 tsp. salt
lots of fresh ground pepper
1 1/2 tsp. Herbs de Provence
2 pkgs. of chicken pieces, I used dark meat
2 eggs beaten, or egg substitute like Ener-G egg replacer, or Faux Eggs (refer to that post)
suitable veg. oil like Safflower or EVOO (I hate it when Rachael Ray says that, now I'm doing it!)

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl or shallow dish for dredging. Pie plates are good for this. If you prefer to use the plastic bag for shaking, you can, I just don't like putting another plastic bag in the landfill. Then beat your eggs in another dish and set aside. Then skin your chicken.

Oh, at some point prepare your baking dishes. I coat them with enough oil to generously cover the bottom of the dish. Set it aside. Then take your skinned chicken and coat in beaten eggs.

Then dredge in crumb mixture and really smash those crumbs into the meat for a good coating.

Then roll it in your baking dish to get a coating of the oil all over the chicken.

Then bake at 400 degrees for around 40 minutes or until chicken reads around 180 degrees with a thermometer.

When it comes to GF comfort food, this is awesome! And it's been kid tested!

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  1. This looks great, I love how your kiddies are eating the heck out of it and your daughter? That peice of chicken is as big as her head! Looks great!

    Your fellow foodie blogger,